October 9, 2016 Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon's Blood

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Chakra:  Heart

Source:   Australia

Astrological:   Leo

Healing Qualities:  Enhances Life Force, courage, strength and vitality.

Brings joy to community interactions.  Helps you achieve goals.

Draws money and love to the wearer.

Good for diagnosing illness and preventing illness.

Enhances Life Force, courage, strength and vitality. Brings joy to community interactions.  Helps you achieve goals.Draws money and love to the wearer.Good for diagnosing illness and preventing illness.

Physical: Good for nerves, bladder, spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver, bile ducts, mineral balance and sense of smell.

Provides physical heart healing.

Helps bronchitis, backache, cramps, colds, flu,  jaundice and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Useful during fasting.

Emotional / Spiritual:
   Grounds spiritual energy through the heart chakra.

Forms a 3 foot barrier around the wearer for protection against negative people.

A stone with a strong pattern of physical vitality, capable of bringing more energy into the auric field and the physical self.

It calls forth the gentle strengths of love, forgiveness, and compassion – the only energies that can tame the inner dragon.

Helps loneliness and keeps your spirits up.

Good for yin/yang balance and the aura.

Dragon's Blood

Dragon’s Blood Calcite is a variety of red calcite with an incredible depth of colour, ranging from the rusty brown of dried blood through to the fiery glow of burning embers.

Calcite is found in many differently coloured forms, each with their own character and normally relatively young in geological terms.  However, Dragon’s Blood Calcite feels ancient and full of rich wisdom.  It is said to energise and motivate and is believed to release stress, anger and fear, especially old stuff rooted in the past.  It’s ability to release heat can be applied to the inflammation of arthritis and by simply holding it, the mineral will find the source of the inflammation.

Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

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